It’s Premiere Season!

Ack, so it’s been a while! But I’m finally caught up with all the shows for this fall. In no particular order:

1. The Voice.

This has been pretty standard so far. The auditions seemed to have a lot more young country girls than previous years, and I’m a little sad that there aren’t as many older people. However, there are a few contestants I’m excited about, particularly De’Borah and Cody the gay arkansas cowboy!! Best thing so far: CeeLo’s bird.

2. The New Normal

Very Ryan Murphy. It gets a little mushy and preachy at times (ok, all the time), but David and Bryan are so likeable that I don’t even care. The nana seems a bit like a bad cross between Sue Sylvester and Lucille Bluth though, and I can’t say I care for her nearly as much as either of those two.

3. Dexter

Holy fucking shit, the ending of the first episode. I did NOT think they would go there that quickly, but I’m so glad they did. This is going to be a hell of a ride, and I’m really hopeful Dexter can get it back. The past two seasons were a bit meh, but then you remember how good Dexter can be, and how good this episode was, and yes, there is light.

4. Homeland

Again, I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the writers took in the first episode. There was a good deal of mundane setup, but in general, I’m pretty psyched to see where it goes next. I was worried it was going to go off the rails now that Carrie’s out of the CIA. Best thing so far: Claire Danes’ CRAZY EYES at the end. Shivers.

5. The Mindy Project

It has its moments. I’m still waiting for it to be clever, or consistently funny, but Mindy Kaling so far is entertaining enough that I’ll keep watching. No judgments yet. Best thing so far: no best thing.

6. Parks and Rec

Ron Fucking Swanson. I love Ron. And his meat. And his ridiculousness. Depressing Chris is a little tough to take, and I do wish Ben and Leslie were together so they could play off each other more, but I’m enjoying the Ben/April interaction. There seems to be a lot more social commentary in the first two episodes though. I’m not sure if I like it.

7. Glee

Good and bad things are happening with Glee. Good: I like how the New Directioners still in high school are getting good stories and lines and songs. It’s about time. I will always love Kurt. I am very happy with the relative lack of Finn. And Blaine could not be lamer or more adorable. Heart. Bad things: Brody. Just…no. Stop defining Rachel in terms of men! Rachel could be as powerful a female character as Buffy if only they would give her a chance! Kate Hudson – this cliche has been done before, and done better than this. Who thought of this? Fire them. Overall though, I’m pleased. I was worried that the 4th season would just be terrible, and wasn’t even committed to watching it, and I’m glad I have been.


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