Ringer: Five Things

I love premier week! Best thing about premier week this year is the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar. The hype for this show was dead on – it’s completely satisfying and left me wanting oh so much more. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Sarah. Michelle. Gellar.

She’s gorgeous. She’s brilliant. She’s exactly right. Is it entirely convincing that even two identical twins would have that nose? Well…no. But even without the wardrobe props, I was convinced she was both Bridget and Siobhan. It’s very clear that there is a lot of depth and range to this show, and I could not think of a better actress to show that off.

2. Bridget

We didn’t see much of Siobhan in the pilot, but we got plenty of Bridget. She’s smart, sarcastic, quick, and beautiful. But she’s vulnerable, a little fragile, and completely good-hearted. The speed with which she turned down Henry’s affair, the courageous effort she made to mend her “marriage” after just a day, and her empathy for Gemma shows that Bridget is an unfortunate person who made some mistakes. The speed and grace with which she assumes Siobhan’s life tells us she’s a survivor. And the fact that she disarmed and cuffed her guard in the motel room says she can totally kick ass. This is a character worthy of SMG.

3. Siobhan’s East Hampton Home

Whoever designed that living room loves clean lines and sharp colors. While it doesn’t look very comfortable, it does remind me of the Schroder House that I painstakingly put together freshman year, supergluing my fingers together and running SATC marathons.

4. Ioan Gruffud

First, let me say the man can wear a tuxedo shirt. Actually, everyone wears really nice clothes in this show, but him especially. Of all the non-SMG characters tonight, he’s really the one I want to know more about. What happened to their marriage, and why doesn’t he trust Siobhan? Does he actually believe that’s his child? How far will Bridget go before he catches on that something actually is not quite right? Plus…nice accent.


Ok, obviously I know Siobhan wasn’t dead, but I was totally not expecting the Loft Assassin to be after her. I guess I heard that Siobhan was running from something as well, but I never thought about how that would work out. Bottom line: I want more Ringer. I want it now. This show is going to be gold. I’m calling it.



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