College Football Returns!!

Today kicks off the start of the 2011 College Football season and let me say, I have been waiting for this since the Rose Bowl last year. I’m a relative newcomer to college football – I didn’t follow it at all in high school, and my college’s football team was not exactly of the same caliber…I mean, we were D1, and we even won the conference while I was there, but whenever I see Brown Football on tv, I sort of cringe. The stands are empty, the stadium is clearly not well maintained, and the level of play just isn’t that snappy. Now, as a resident of Madison, WI, I’m thrust into the world of Badger Football, and what a wonderful world it is too.

Football, let me say, is a great sport. It requires the speed of a track star, the strength of a wrestler, the agility and toughness of a boxer, the hands of a baller, and  beyond all that, you also need a good head on your shoulders. Football is a game of reaction and finding the right opportunities. It’s making quick decisions while sticking to a master plan. You can say they’re wimps because real athletes play rugby without pads. You can say they stop too often, and take breaks all the time. But you can’t deny that it takes a shit ton of hard work and skillz to play football at the D1 level.

The reason I prefer college football to the NFL is that I like seeing young guys develop. You get that too, sometimes, in the NFL, but it’s everywhere in college. The difference between an 18 year old true freshman and a 22 year old vet senior is astounding. Players are a lot more variable, and games can be decided on a freshman QB’s nerves. I like that. It feels more human. When a NFL receiver drops a pass, I’m disgusted. You’re a pro. Catch the ball – it’s your job. I don’t have the same expectation for college players. They all have something to prove because they’re not there yet. I feel like the emotions just run higher with every game than at the professional level. Every game is unpredictable, every season is up in the air.

So let’s all get psyched for the Badgers to take on UNLV!!! Followed by a full weekend of gridiron drama. I’ll definitely be tuning into the Oregon/LSU game, although I wish it didn’t overlap with Georgia/Boise St. My picks? Badgers all the way! I hope the Ducks pull through, and I love anyone who beats Boise State. Why? That blue turf is fugly. Yup, I might not be the most intellectual fan, but a diehard fan I am.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And just to tie this in with the gay theme of this blog…how awesome would it be to someday have an out college football player??? Maybe this is the year…


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