So Long, Desperate Housewives :(

Today Marc Cherry announced that Desperate Housewives would be ending. Tear.

No seriously, I am seriously sad about this. Desperate Housewives was every Sunday freshman year gathering in someone’s room, finding space on the floor, and spending commercial breaks debating whether or not that nipple rub was meant to be sexual or not. It was going home to Hamilton and laughing about absurd storylines with high school friends. Most of all, it was a ridiculous soap that somehow made its way to prime time that was supremely entertaining throughout.

Plus, Dana Delaney as a lesbian?? YES PLEASE!!!

Felicity Huffman was always my favorite. This was my introduction to her, long before I saw Transamerica. Lynnette Scavo always seemed to be the character most rooted in reality. She had flaws, big ones. But it was always within the confines of the character and it made sense. Plus, she’s just a phenomenal actress.

Although I honestly stopped watching after Edie died, I always had the intention of catching up. Susan Meyer will always annoy me because she simply falls down too often to have survived this long. Brie will always freak me out a little, but Andrew’s storyline made me all sorts of happy when it worked out and gutted when it didn’t. Goodbye to a well done show that had several gay storylines (some better than others, but all were, I think, positive visibility). Here’s hoping Marc Cherry comes up with a bright new idea that continues to blow us away.



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