Congratulations, Switched at Birth!

You’ve just made my DVR list! Now, unfortunately, you air at 8 pm CST, which is in direct conflict with Rachel Maddow, and it takes an EXTREMELY good show to make me commit over Maddow. But you seem sweet and charming so you can live in my DVR for now.

I was really prepared to be bored. This is because I have a bad association with Helen Keller, and here’s this show about a deaf girl and I immediately lose interest. But the concept was good, the other girl was cute, and since Pretty Little Liars, I’m inclined to give ABC Family the benefit of the doubt. I really wasn’t bored. Daphe (the deaf one) was by far way more interesting than I expected. Her enthusiasm about the situation was a little too much, but I hope it’s just because she turns out to be extremely flexible. Like she said, she had to go through a lot worse, and finding out your real parents are loaded like whoa is enough to make any teenager put on a smile for lunch.

Bay (she’s right – it’s a bad name) had a lot more to work with, emotionally. She was angsty teen, rebellious, and then broken, and then making the best of the situation. Vanessa Marano was on the verge of overdoing a few moments, but never gave in. She reminds me a little of Lucy Hale and I predict a worshipping tween fandom.

The moms were by far the worst part. Yawn. Both were predictable, one-note characters that never really resonated with me. Bay’s mother was horrible to Bay and I hated her for it. Plus she was so weepy and clingy and obnoxious and background checks, what??? Bitch is crazy.

Also bad: this show is once again set in a preppy rich private school. Overdone. But possibly good: writers love to have preppy rich girls be lesbians.

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