Break me off a piece of that! *slow nods*

So kit kat commercials are usually pretty mundane. Lots of smiley people “taking a break” with a kit kat bar, with a song that gets stuck in your head way too easily. But today, I saw something awesome: an androgynous woman had joined the carefully chosen racial mix of happy office workers! Finally, a genderqueer type gets to take a break! You too can enjoy a crispy wafer chocolate snack with the rest of those already deemed safe enough to represent mainstream America!

It’s not much; it’s a no-line extra in a 30 second commercial. But she’s in there, some casting director picked her, and the kit kat execs didn’t shoot her down as too fringe, or too liberal, or whatever else they can think of that really just means too gay. She’s in there twice, actually, rocking the collared shirt/sweater look. And that just brightened my day. This type of visibility isn’t remarked on too often, think about how powerful it could be: ads are designed to get into our subconscious, to somehow sway our brains. When I need dish soap, all I can think of is that adorable oil spill otter getting his fur cleaned with Dove. There are like 30 brands of dish soap, and that’s what I think of every time. Maybe now when I think of hot lesbians, I’ll think of kit kat. No…that’s wrong. When I think of kit kat I think of hot lesbians? Sure…But when someone who isn’t me sees it, the ad is banking that they won’t see an androgynous woman and immediately change the channel to something more family friendly. I have faith that America will just enjoy the hot lesbian.

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